• HOMEHouse Project Affordable Housing

HOMEHouse Project Affordable Housing

Winner, Affordable Housing Competition. HOMEHouse Project. Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art.

Morpurgo Architects was selected as a winner, among 440 applicants, in the international design competition for Affordable Housing sponsored by the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA).

The HOMEHouse Project: The Future of Affordable Housing. David J. Brown, Ed.
(Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art. MIT Press. Cambridge, Mass.)

Our “Hand-Insulated Pop” introduces quilt-walls in the compressed insulation-cavity of a Habitat house façade, providing environmentally friendly, inspired design for low-income families. The quilts offer homeowners a means of self-expression, allowing the detached single-family home to participate in the life of the street.

The roof is surfaced with thin-film photovoltaic cells that form a skylight and cathedral ceiling. The etched glass of the skylight-roof filters clerestory light, while providing electricity for the wall, heating and hot water. The occupants install the solar panels giving them a skill that they can implement throughout their community.

In the fifties, Jasper Johns’ “Hand-Painted Pop” introduced everyday symbols of America into the realm of art. In the Hand-Insulated Pop of the quilt-wall, homeowners can introduce self-expression and artful endeavor to their neighborhood.

Our submission affirms the compatibility of design, sustainability and affordability, with a recognition of the architect’s social responsibility.