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As winner of the prestigious State of NJ Historic Preservation Award for his TRANSFORMATION of a 1745 House in Saddle River, Gus has the expertise to seamlessly restore your Historic or Traditional Old House.
In our inspired renovations, featured on the TRANSFORMATIONS page, check out Morpurgo Architects’ vision of what is possible. You will see in the Before & After photos that our designs are more than renovations … they are TRANSFORMATIONS.

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Historic Preservation

Morpurgo Architects is skilled at gaining approvals from exacting Historic Preservation Boards.
Conforming to The Rhode Island Historic Preservation Board and Heritage Commission’s requirements, our modifications to this historic house on a promontory surrounded by water are sympathetic to the original Stuccoed Mission-style and contextually in keeping with neighboring historic homes.
If you plan to restore a HISTORIC building, we are here for you.

Affordable Housing

Morpurgo Architects’ AFFORDABLE HOUSING PROJECTS affirm the compatibility of design and affordability with recognition of the architect’s social responsibility.
We love hearing from people who search for our beautiful Broadway Village Affordable Housing community but cannot find it, because “there is no low-income housing in sight.” Our response … Mission Accomplished!

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