As winner of the prestigious State of NJ Historic Preservation Award for his Transformation of the 1745 Ackerman-Dater House in Saddle River, Gus has the expertise to seamlessly restore your Historic or Traditional Old House.

In our inspired renovations, featured below, check out Morpurgo Architects’ vision of what is possible.

Due to the high volume of historic and old traditional houses that abound in our part of the country, it has become increasingly common for our firm to meet with potential clients before they buy, resulting in a cost-effective purchase of a house unwanted by others.

We enjoy partnering with realtors to show their buyers the untapped potential in these old houses after we transform them to reflect their clients’ needs and lifestyle. We provide real estate agents with a new way of looking at hard-to-sell houses, while easing the home purchase experience for their buyers!

As you can see in the Before & After photos, our designs are more than renovations … they are TRANSFORMATIONS.

Let’s collaborate to enhance your old home!